Traceability is the ability to verify the history, location, or application of an item by means of documented recorded identification.

Complete traceability is achieved when the pertinent characteristics/information relating to material procurement, manufacture, fabrication operations, inspection of assembly and installation of a part on a specific item or assembly, as verified by Quality Control, is recorded and maintained on applicable documents and records.

The main stages of traceability are outlined below:

  • Traceability Database Setup
  • Implementation & Training
  • Procurement & Delivery of Materials
  • Pre-Processing
  • Construction/installation
  • Inspection & Reporting

Traceability follows the stages of construction/installation throughout the complete process to ensure all material, welds and related information is captured and recorded. Full traceability for all material, welding, NDE, surface treatment, bolting and insulation is a requirement for most of the Oil and Gas Projects.

QMTS has dedicated Traceability Team who can perform the below following on any client project

  • Produce Stock numbers for raw materials (if applicable)
  • Train relevant inspectors and project personnel in the functionality of system (if applicable)
  • Configure and on-going maintenance of systems to project requirements, Setup Systems with relevant information
  • Generate required reports on a daily basis for Inspectors, and Client sign-off
  • Ensure traceability procedures are complied with during fabrication; provide reports to relevant parties on a weekly basis on traceability.
  • Operate and Administer traceability systems for duration of construction/installation.
  • Generate other reporting information required to assist in project controls
  • Raise NDE Requests and final Reports for signoff by relevant parties.