Test Pack Management

Developing and managing work test packs is a crucial function of a project throughout the construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning phases.

It can be used as a quality and management tool for the tracking of flanged joints, spools and instrumentation. It also identifies system boundary for hydro testing and other pre-commissioning services.

Project requirements are identified and analysed by our test pack engineers during the initial phase of a project which are processed to compile test packs. This identifies the project limits and system requirements.

Some of the crucial function of Test Pack Management can include:

  • Identify and locate system boundaries for pre-commissioning activities i.e. Hydro testing, Chemical Cleaning, Pneumatic testing etc.
  • Flange management systems
  • Identifying system volume for individual system and sub-systems
  • Tracking and managing system line numbers against isometric drawing and Piping and Instrumentation Diagram.
  • Progress tracking and reporting.