Plant Integrity

Plant integrity is crucial part of managing all assets on site and as such it requires a regime of inspections to be conducted on a predetermined schedule in a controlled manner such as by using a data base for the assets reports on the specific condition of the inspected assets.

Many of the asset or plant inspections are mandatory and governed by legislation to ensure that the life cycle of the plant and its condition does not compromise the safety and productivity of the operating plant or pose a safety threat to operations or the public.

The inspections are carried out by certified QMTS inspectors or team of inspectors whom have the training and experience to conduct these inspections.

This include the following inspections.

  • Pressure Vessel inspection
  • Rotating Equipment
  • PRVs
  • Mechanical and Electrical Equipment
  • Pumps

QMTS are industry leaders in plant integrity to include comprehensive inspection services. We supply reliable inspection instrumentation and equipment for long and short term hire. We work with Government authorities that deal with plant design and registration. We also work with independent design verifiers to ensure pressure equipment is verified for use within Australia.

We also undertake periodic inspections of pressure equipment in accordance with AS/NZS3788 this includes air receivers, autoclaves and any pressure that has a hazard level A,B,C or D as per AS4343. These inspections are endorsed by AICIP and conducted by certified inspectors.