USB Monitor

USB Monitor

DAQ USB-6009
Input Range

Channel 1
Channel 2
Channel 3



W 205 x H 40 x L 165mm

Key Features
  • Develop monitoring programmes quickly using LabView software
  • National Instruments libraries are available for C++, VisualStudio and Python development
  • Example programme included
  • 6 analogue channels and 4 digital signals.
  • All analogue channels can supply + and – 12 V to power sensors. The analogue output also includes 0 and 5 V lines. If the monitoring PC does not supply sufficient power there is an additional 5V input line to power the accessories.
  • The input board isolates the DAQ input from the external signals and has a 5 kHz low pass filter.
The development, production and testing of Triton Electronics’ monitors are certified to ISO 9001.
Weldmon USB Monitor 1

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