The AMV5000 is a light and portable real-time welding analyser capable of assessing, logging and reporting welding parameters for two separate welding systems simultaneously. The AMV5000 is primarily aimed at tandem welding systems where two welding arcs are monitored simultaneously. However, the system can monitor two entirely separate procedures using different welding processes.

The AMV5000 monitors voltage, wire speed feed, temperature, gas flow rate and travel speed.

Engineers get instant feedback from on-screen reports or can use the onboard printer to produce transferable reports.

Because the AMV5000 is network-ready, real-time data can be transmitted so procedure information can be available where needed.

The main monitoring screen defaults to the average values at the top and a trend graph of the weld below. The trend graph can show system drift over the course of the weld.

The AMV5000 gives a real-time plot of the welding waveform. Use the waveform screen to display running average data. If a pulsed process is selected the calculated pulse parameters are also shown. Any out of tolerance failures are counted as the weld progresses.

Choose which channel to view
• Constantly update every 1, 2 or 3 seconds depending on the process.
• Pause the display and zoom into an individual data point if needed.

The development, production and testing of Triton Electronics’ monitors are certified to ISO 9001.

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