The AMV 4000 is a fast data logger with additional software specifically designed for arc welding applications. The AMV4000 has high data acquisition rates and can monitor more channels of data than the AMV3500 and is intended more for process development. The oscilloscope function is more developed and produces more detailed waveform information. The AMV4000 can still be used as a QA tool and has the same networking and reporting features of the AMV3500. An external printer is an option. The AMV4000 is a light mains powered monitor, a battery option is available.

Select the AMV4000 for:
• Fast data acquisition
• Flexible monitoring
• Data analysis
• Decision making elements

Analytical Tools

The AMV 4000 is a data logger capable of acquiring data at 100 kHz per channel. There are 8 channels on the standard AMV 4000 that can be configured by the user. The AMV 4000 is intended to give specific welding parameters so welding engineers can understand the process. To help with this there are a number of preset options in the software. Apart from selecting the data collection routine, selecting the process also determines the statistical routine and waveform analysis. Each process can be described by a set of points.

The development, production and testing of Triton Electronics’ monitors are certified to ISO 9001.

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