Remote Video Surveillance Unit — RVSU

With smart technology and real-time streaming, our Remote Video Surveillance Unit (RVSU), will save your business time and money.

A simple solution to a complex problem.

QMTS have created a product that will not only meet your needs, but exceed your expectations! The RVSU assists with global inspection requirements for both fabricated and proprietary procured items.
We set out to provide a product that takes advantage of the latest technology to solve the logistical, cost and security issues of remote site inspections and walk-throughs.

• Simple and robust to survive fabrication environments

• Easy to use for local inspectors, engineers or expats

• Required to be a 2-way flow of information and interaction

• Had to be compact for rapid mobilisation and portable

• Be able to Stand-alone and not require infrastructure set-up

• Require to live stream and record in HD simultaneously

Benefits to your Business

  • A viable alternative when it’s not possible or economical to mobilise expats
  • Allows for entire teams to see real time progress and flag potential issues that may otherwise be overlooked
  • Provides a single and absolute point of truth for teams to understand the project schedule
  • Allows for instantaneous and unscheduled inspections/walk-throughs
  • Able to rapidly respond to time critical issues, providing your team with accurate current information
  • The recorded video is an absolute point of truth and can be included as supporting evidence in a MDR, progress claims, or variations
  • Reduce project costs engaging local inspectors and reduce on site expat requirements
  • Effectively allows you to maintain a permanent presence at the facility in between expat visits allowing for continued regular inspection
Remote Video Surveillance Camera and smart phone

Key Features of RVS

  • Allows for real time live streaming and interaction with the operator to guide movements and focus on specific areas where required
  • While conducting the progress walk through or inspection, photos can easily be taken by the operator and are automatically uploaded to the cloud for instant viewing by remote team members
  • Ability to live stream while recording in HD 1920×1080 for additional review, inclusion in reports / MDR or for use in progress claims / variations
  • No costly infrastructure required, just needs mobile data connection
  • Packs down into small compact rugged pelican case 24x20x11cm and weighs approximately 1.4kg
  • The phone and camera alone will allow for approximately 3.5hrs of streaming, connecting the phone to the supplied battery pack will extend streaming time to up to 5.5hours. Connect both the phone and camera to power for unlimited streaming time

Technical Specifications