About Us

QMTS stands for Quality Management Technical Services.

QMTS is a specialised service provider of inspection, quality and mechanical services. We are industry recognised for our commitment to taking on a challenge and delivering solutions. Our capabilities span from construction through to plant start-up and maintenance work to plant shut down. Throughout these phases, you can be assured of our ability to add value to the delivery and execution of every project.

The QMTS culture of safety first underpins everything we do.

With the latest technology and a track record of attracting and retaining world class personnel with superior technical skills, over the last decade QMTS has executed projects around Australia. As a result, we’ve built long-standing relationships with companies operating in the Civil, Engineering, Mining, Resource, Oil & Gas and Construction sectors. QMTS provides quality services by ensuring our work is executed to the highest standards and delivered safely, on time, to budget. We strive to meet our client’s needs and exceed their expectations.